Hunter Sheridan Releases ‘To You, My Friend’

Single Artwork by Jules Hall

Indie singer/songwriter Hunter Sheridan has recently released his beautiful new single “To You, My Friend.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms now!

Hunter is a Canadian singer that has a stunning, fresh sound that will have you hooked from the get go. “To You, My Friend” is a heartwarming number that will likely bring a tear to your eye upon listening. It explores the musician’s struggles with obsessing over how quickly time passes by. The worries that come with this feeling – the fear that he hasn’t shown enough appreciation to the ones in his life he loves the most.

It’s an inspirational track to remind you that whilst you may be able to pull yourself from a dark place, you should learn from the lessons that that time gave you, and be a better person because of it. Hunter Sheridan was able to wonderfully execute this powerful meaning with honest lyrics, stunning acoustic melodies, and atmospheric tones.

When talking about “To You, My Friend,” Hunter explains;

“”To You, My Friend” is a letter to a person of great significance, whoever that may be to you, inspired with appreciation of the speed at which time pushes our lives forward, and gratitude for true connections with the people we love.

It’s a track that will pull on your heartstrings, but you’ll listen and appreciate it anyway. A definite listen if you’re feeling a bit down and could do with some guidance. To show your support, be sure to follow Hunter Sheridan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! And take a look at his website for further updates.

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