MUSIC REWIND: Kodaline – ‘In A Perfect World’ vs. ‘One Day At A Time’

Kodaline continue to wow their fans by constantly coming up with original and new material with their signature spin. Today, we look over their first and last album releases, comparing the two and discussing our favourites. First up, we have ‘In A Perfect World’.

‘One Day’ opens the album beautifully. The uplifting track will have you thinking of how great things can be, and how crucial it is to let go of the past.

‘All I Want’ belongs on any break up playlist, and is a devastatingly powerful song. For the bad days when you need a reminder that you’re not the only person in this world to go through heart break, this is the one for you.

‘High Hopes’ has the classic Kodaline feel and will have you reaching for the repeat button. It is all about thinking of the future and staying positive, even when times are tough. This song is a good one for reflection, to think of how far you’ve come, and what you’ve managed to get through.

Earlier this year, Kodaline released their newest album ‘One Day At A Time’. Here’s some of our favourites:

‘Wherever You Are’ is a lovely track to open the album with. Establishing the new era for Kodaline, the lyrics explain how much you can care for someone, just from being there, physically and emotionally.

‘Sometimes’ is one of the best songs to come out of 2020. Honestly, it makes you feel great. In typical Kodaline fashion, we are reminded that our friends, family and acquaintances all move at different paces, and we will all be happy eventually.

‘Say Something’ is another fan favourite. The lyrics explain how difficult it can be to have an emotional conversation, when the words all come out wrong in the heat of the moment. It’s all about needing to speak and hear the right words at the right time, and how this doesn’t always work out.

Luckily, Kodaline have had their signature sound from the very beginning. However, they have been successful with keeping that as well as growing with their music, which is something that not all artists can achieve. We love both albums just the same, we simply cannot choose with this one!

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