Sabriel Releases Angelic Single ‘Love Again’

LA based singer, songwriter, and producer Sabriel has recently released her brand-new single titled “Love Again.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Love Again” proves just how talented the songstress is, as it was written, produced, and recorded entirely by Sabriel herself. The track talks about the awareness one feels when entering a new relationship. The story is told with highly relatable lyrics and addictive seductive sounds. When talking about “Love Again,” the singer expresses;

“I’ve done a lot of self-work during the duration of the pandemic, with a huge focus on past and future relationships. I used to have a tendency to jump in quickly, ignoring any and all red flags. But moving forward, I refuse to lose myself in another person. So I’m carefully watching every step.”

Music that was previously released by Sabriel have had hidden meanings and metaphors. “Love Again” shows a different side to her songwriting as she has chosen to express her feelings more freely – making this track one of her most honest and vulnerable songs to date. She has admitted that the inspiration for the track came from a fantasy. She describes;

“I was feeling sparkly and feminine and decided to embrace those feelings, rather than feel embarrassed by them because they didn’t feel like my usual somber self.”

For a long time Sabriel has found it hard to find the balance between both her feminine and masculine sides. Now, she has been finding it easier to embrace both extremes and just be herself. This confidence shines off of the music that she releases.

“Love Again” deserves to have a place on your playlists. We’re certain that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from the talented songwriter and you should look forward to what music she has coming for all of us in 2021! To keep up to date with Sabriel, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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