Maggie Lindemann Releases Video for ‘Knife Under My Pillow’


With only a couple more weeks left until the release of the new EP “Paranoia,” Maggie Lindemann thought she’d kick off a brand-new year by dropping the music video for her single “Knife Under My Pillow.” The music video is now available to view via Youtube below;

The year of 2020 saw a new era for Maggie Lindemann. Her new sound and direction blew everyone away. She moved on from the pop tunes that everyone loved, and is now making music more on the edgy side that you will love even more. We first heard of this new punk side to Maggie when she released “Knife Under My Pillow.” This track went down incredibly well for the fans and now they have been treated to an absolutely insane music video.

The music video sees Maggie wandering anxiously around her house. Her look is flawless with her magnificent heavy make-up and strong, rock and roll clothing. Whilst she walks around her home at night, she’s able to capture the true uneasiness you sense when hearing the song.

When talking about the music video, Maggie says;

I wanted to do some cheesy 2000s scary movie vibe. The walking around the house with the flashlight with a full-on glam look, ugh it’s so good. A mixture between a corny scary movie with a modern twist on a 2000s look. Walking around the house to find nobody in it, but SWEARING you saw shadows. And of course, the performance shot of me just playing in my living room, which is supposed to be more of a dream and not reality. I wanted to do something more simple with just dramatic looks, everyone killed it.

Her upcoming EP “Paranoia” is due to be released on the 22nd of January. The track list sees eight songs, four of which have been released as singles already. We’ve said previously that this EP is one of our most highly anticipated releases for 2021 and it’s exciting to finally be able to hear it in just a couple of weeks.

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PARANOIA Track List: 

1.    Knife Under My Pillow

2.    GASLIGHT! feat. Siiickbrain

3.    Scissorhands

4.    Crash and Burn

5.    Loner

6.    Love Songs

7.    Different

8.    It’s Not Your Fault

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