Our Top 5 Classic Christmas Songs

You either love them or hate them, but it probably doesn’t feel like December for you until you hear a Christmas song. Have a look at our Top 5 favourites!

5) Last Christmas by Wham!

Heartbreaking lyrics but you still can’t help but sing along. This is a great song to look back on past relationships around the Christmas period, especially if you need a reminder why things didn’t work out how you first hoped.

4) All Alone on Christmas by Darlene Love

Featuring in a Home Alone 2, Darlene reminds us that nobody should be alone on Christmas. It’s something we can’t even imagine. Why not reach out and do your bit if you can! There’s plenty of charities to bring together those alone at Christmas.

3) I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday By Wizzard

A childhood classic of ours at About The Noise. This is the one song that made us feel like it was well and truly the festive time of the year, and we are still yet to meet someone who doesn’t like this song!

2) All I Want For Christmas Is You By Mariah Carey

After finally reaching number 1 in the charts last week, we couldn’t not have a high ranking for this banger. When you really strip back the lyrics, it’s all about being grateful for a special someone at Christmas, and not caring for the gifts and celebrations.

1) Do They Know It’s Christmas? By Band Aid

This humbling anthem will make you feel grounded throughout the Christmas period. A reminder that not everyone can celebrate the festivities, whether they’d like to or not. While we’re all hoping for that PS5, or a new pair of earrings, remember that in some places, people are only hoping for clean drinking water and a roof over their heads.

We hope you have enjoyed reading through our Top 5 Christmas songs! There are so many out there. The cheesy, the loving and the sentimental. There are Christmas tunes for all moods, and you should crank the volume up!

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