Our Top 5 Christmas Films

Welcome back to another Top 5 Christmas edition! Today we look over our favourite festive films.

Although the majority of Christmas films are funny and light hearted for all the family, a lot of them have a much deeper meaning. Let’s take a look through some festive favourites!:

5) How The Grinch Stole Christmas

We all know a Grinch who isn’t fond of Christmas. Taken from the words of Dr. Seuss, this magical tale comes together with the sarcasm and facial expressions of Jim Carrey. As you’ve probably already seen, there are numerous adaptations for all viewers.

4) The Santa Claus

This whole franchise will have you convinced that Tim Allen is genuinely Santa. ‘The Santa Claus’ is a great film to keep the magic alive for little ones. When Santa falls off the roof of Scott Calvin’s home, he’s immediately transformed into his replacement without a word of warning. A fun watch for the whole family!

3) Nativity!

Ah, the Christmas nativity. Every year, we hoped to be an angel or a wise man, however the majority of us ended up as a sheep or a shepherd with a tea towel on our head! Nativity! explores a class of children, who are desperate to put on the Christmas performance of a life time. With original songs and infectious dance routines, you will be humming along for weeks!

2) Christmas With The Kranks

A Christmas favourite for the About The Noise crew. When Luther and Nora Krank learn their daughter will be away for Christmas for the first time ever, they plan to vacate for the holidays and officially cancel Christmas. However, when their beloved Blair has a change of heart, the couple have limited time to create the special Christmas Eve party and cancel their plans.

1) Home Alone

Home Alone is a classic, family film that a lot of us grew up watching every year. When Kevin McAllister is accidentally left at home while his family head out on vacation for the festivities, a lot of us found ourselves wishing for his freedom as a kid. We love how Home Alone makes us feel all kind of emotions at the same time.

There really is nothing like a Christmas film at this time of year. It can feel more than just a movie. It’s a tradition, and a great way to spend time with friends and family. Although you might not be with loved ones this year, why not watch your favourite Christmas movie over facetime or a livestream?

So, what’s your favourite Christmas film? Let us know over on our Twitter!@AboutThe_Noise