Rock Queen Sizzy Rocket has just dropped her cover of Green Day’s “Brain Stew.” The video of the cover can now be viewed below;

Recently, Sizzy Rocket joined forces with Moment House to put on an unforgettable live virtual concert. The concert was named “ANARCHY: COME TO LIFE” and took place at the abandoned Lake Dolores Water Park. Now, you can look back at that experience with the Green Day cover “Brainstew” as it was part of the virtual concert.

ANARCHY: COME TO LIFE” wouldn’t have been possible without the helps of Moment House. They are a new live-streaming platform that was created by students and graduates from the USC Jimmy Iovine & Dr. Dre Academy for the Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. They have been supported by some of the biggest music investors in the industry including; Scooter Braun, Troy Carter, and Jared Leto. Their aim is to is to create special, ticketed experiences (Moments) for artists’ fans, no matter where they are in the world. As well as working with Sizzy, they’ve also worked alongside Halsey, blackbear, YUNGBLUD, and Omar Apollo. 

Earlier this year, Sizzy released her third studio album “ANARCHY.” The notorious 10-track album received high praise from both fans and the media. If you’re a pop-punk lover, then “ANARCHY” is an album for you. Sizzy has such a strong and powerful voice that translates so perfectly when performed. You can just picture yourself head banging, singing and dancing in a sea full of people when hearing every track on the album. Maybe one day we’ll be able to do that again but for now, let “ANARCHY” dream of that COVID free future. The album is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

We’re sure that 2021 is going to be another big year for Sizzy Rocket, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for future updates!

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