Photo Credit: Nathan Nash

Arkells have recently dropped a music video for their single titled “Pub Crawl.” The video is now available to watch below;

“Pub Crawl” is an extremely catchy holiday track that you’ll want to be playing full blast on Christmas Day. It’s a song that the whole family can enjoy – although, there might be some embarrassing air guitar moves from your dad – it will be worth every moment.

The single was released last month as an Amazon original via Universal Music Canada. With the strict restrictions in place to protect us from COVID-19, the video shows frontman Max Kerman on his own in a pub, but with a twist from the other band members. The video takes viewers on a journey – and a rather humorous one at that!

When speaking about the music video, Max says;

Like anything in 2020, making a music video is an exercise in experimentation and creativity. f I couldn’t party with my boys during Pub Crawl, making 50 different life size cutouts of them was the next best thing.

In order to encourage their listeners to support their local bars (following proper COVID guidelines), Arkells used the launch campaign for “Pub Crawl” by leaking the track to various pubs across Canada. This way fans were able to listen to the song early, whilst also helping local businesses who may be struggling in the current climate.

The band decided to take a break from working on their upcoming album this year. Instead, they decided to take it back to where they came from and released their latest project “Campfire Chords.” This sees the band strip back a collection of their most well-loved songs. It also includes two new tracks “A Little More” and number 1 single “Quitting You.” You can now listen to this “Campfire Chords” on all major streaming platforms.

We’re sure Arkells have big plans for 2021 so be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for future updates.

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