Our Top 5 Classic Girl Groups

Girls Aloud (Picture: Getty)

The 90’s and early 2000s really was the time for the girl band era. We spent countless hours making up dance routines to some of the masterpieces below. Here’s our Top 5 classic girl groups!

5) Girls Aloud

Forming through the hit TV show ‘Popstars: The Rivals’, Girls Aloud were born. This was 18 YEARS AGO! How old does that make you feel?! Some of our favourites include ‘No Good Advice’, ‘Biology’, and ‘Whole Lotta History’. The girls could perform up-tempo dance numbers, or a down-played ballad. Either way, every single released was a banger!

4) B*Witched.

A lot of you can probably identify with one of your first memories being at a school disco, with ‘C’est La Vie’ blaring through the speakers. Our Irish goddess’s knew a thing or two about cheese! Other fan favourites include ‘Rollercoaster’ and ‘Jesse Hold On’. A double denim dream. Also, who could forget the beautiful ballad ‘To You I Belong’!

3) The Sugababes.

The Sugababes formed at an age where we needed a little bit of sass. Slightly moving away from the kids bop vibe were ‘In The Middle’ and ‘Hole In The Head’. This was really when the girls were in their prime. That being said, fans also adored some of their later releases, such as ‘Easy’ and ‘Denial’.

2) Atomic Kitten.

The top 2 was a difficult one to call! Every single, every album, was absolute gold. A couple of our favourites, to name but a few, include ‘It’s OK’ and ‘If You Come To Me’. Classic girl band material. The voices of Jenny, Liz, and Tasha come together perfectly.

1) Spice Girls.

If someone says the words ‘girl group’, you think of The Spice Girls. It’s almost like it is in our DNA. With their own unique sound, we’re all able to identify a song by the group before they even sing. We’ve grown up dancing the routine to ‘Stop’ and playing ‘Goodbye’ on repeat at Christmas. Girl Power!

So, there you have it. Our top 5 favourite classic girl groups. We felt that these stunning performers truly define the term ‘girl band.’ From the cheese, to the harmonies, there’s something for everyone. Guarantee we have mentioned at least one of your karaoke tracks or guilty pleasure!

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