MUSIC REWIND: One Direction – ‘Up All Night’ vs ‘Made In The A.M’

Let us take you back to 2012. The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, and the Olympics were hosted in London. More importantly, however, One Direction released their first ever album – ‘Up All Night’ .

After releasing ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ in 2011, and selling over seven million copies, One Direction blessed their fans with a series of tracks that set their world on fire. Here’s a few of our favourites:

‘More Than This’ gives up euphoric boyband vibes, intertwined with the classic One Direction sound we loved back then. At a slower pace than their more upbeat stuff, this is certainly the track that fans wished the boys were singing to them directly.

‘Up All Night’ will give any Directioner that nostalgic feeling. The upbeat party anthem was a fan favourite, making you want to jump around and scream the lyrics from the top of your lungs.

‘Tell Me A Lie’ is another favourite. The lyrics are about genuinely wanting to not be told the truth, as it would hurt too much. You can refer to them as a ‘screwed up mess’, however telling them the truth isn’t what they want in this scenario.

As you can imagine, ‘Up All Night’ is a complete contrast to the last album by One Direction, ‘Made In The A.M.’. Listening to both albums as well as everything in between, really puts into perspective how much growing up they had to do. With their voices, their sound, their brand. Here’s some of our favourites from ‘Made In The A. M.’

‘Infinity’ really proves the aforementioned grown up vibe. The lyrics of this song are incredibly clever with word play for example, ‘now I’m one step closer to being two steps far from you’.

‘Never Enough’ will stick in your head for days. The constant, upbeat backing vocals throughout the track will lift you in any mood. It feels a bit silly, and we like that.

‘Love You Goodbye’ will break your heart. The lyrics, the timing, it’s all so devastating. There’s an almost haunting feel to it, and will make you think of situations that maybe you had forgotten about.

So, do you prefer the first or last album from One Direction? Let us know over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise