Bellsavvy Drops Powerful Anthem ‘In My Zone’

Rising pop star Bellsavvy has recently released her snappy and powerful new single “In My Zone.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

Bellsavvy started her music career with MTV Brazil singing on the show called “Studio Acesso Girls MTV.” She managed to win over1.8 million live viewers who all voted for her performance. After appearing on the show, she was thrown into the limelight immediately. She landed roles in movies, musicals, and a large variety of musical projects from all over Europe.

Earlier this year, Bellsavvy released her debut single “Queen of My Mind.” Her debut focusses on the struggles that she faced in the modelling industry. How she was body-shamed and how this affected how she saw herself. It’s a song about the loss of self-confidence and self-love. Now, she returns with her powerful, catchy new song “In My Zone.” The track will make you want to get up on your feet and start swinging your hips. It is oozing with high energy, infectious beats, and dance-worthy production.

When speaking about the single, the singer says;

“In my zone is about the moment I knew I was the Queen of my mind and I wanted to celebrate the feeling of breaking away from that chapter in my life.” 

Bellsavvy hopes that by sharing her inspirational story in her music will help others who are having similar experiences. Her uplifting energy is sure to spread positivity – something that is an absolute must in the world right now.

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