REVIEWBTS Drop Highly Anticipated Album ‘BE

BTS CREDIT: Big Hit Entertainment

There is no need for any introductions when it comes to the well-loved, South Korean band BTS. Since forming in 2013, they have taken over the music industry by storm, and have built a ginormous, dedicated fanbase from all over the world.

BTS have now released the next chapter of their careers with their new album “BE.” The album features eight unique tracks that can be loved and appreciated by all. We’re here to talk you through each song track by track. Here we go!

1) Life Goes On

The very first track you’ll hear on “BE” is the smooth, chilled out number “Life Goes On.” The flow of every members vocals against the music makes the track what it is. You will find yourself perfectly content from the moment the song starts, to the moment it finishes. It is a good indicator as to the direction BTS have decided to take the album in terms of sound.

On the same day “BE” was dropped, the group also treated their fans to a music video that bought “Life Goes On” to life. In just two days, it has already racked up over 100 million views! The video can now be viewed below;

2) Fly To My Room

Next, we have “Fly To My Room.” The transition from the last song to the next is beautifully flawless. This is a theme that you will experience throughout the whole album. It is easy to get lost in every track. The only way to listen to “BE,” is to listen to it from beginning to end. No need for skipping any songs if you want to appreciate it for what it is. “Fly To My Room” is so blissfully enchanting. Whilst it has its soft tones, it builds up creating these infectious beats that would work perfectly when being performed in front of an audience.

3) Blue & Grey

“Blue & Grey” is just…wow. The stunning guitar melody has you hooked from the very beginning. And this is before the BTS members have blessed us with their angelic voices! The passion that you hear in their performance is so irresistibly heartbreaking – that it’s difficult not to well up. When it comes to creating songs, it’s one thing to just write emotional lyrics. To be able to make the lyrics mean something, is all down to the way it’s performed. It’s a talent that not everyone in the music industry possesses. BTS on the other hand, have proven that they can express their emotions in the way that they sing. “Blue & Grey” is a terrific example of that.

4) Skit

We now reach the halfway point with “Skit.” There isn’t much to say about this one as it isn’t so much of a song, but more of a conversation amongst the group. Whilst it isn’t necessarily a song you can listen to, it does show the infectious banter that BTS have with each other. It’s fun and shows off their personalities which is always fabulous to witness.

5) Telepathy

Track five is the fantastic “Telepathy.” All tracks up until this point have been chill, soothing, and at times emotional. “Telepathy” shows quite the contrast with its bouncy vibes that you can’t help but tap your foot along to. We can imagine a professional dance group choreograph a banging dance to this song. Hey, who says you have to be a professional? Get a group of friends together and make your own dance to “Telepathy.” Post it on TikTok! We love the addictive beats, and we’re sure you will too, so go out and have some fun with it!

6) Dis-ease

Like “Telepathy,” track number six shows BTS fun side. Whilst the group haven’t dropped a music video for “Dis-ease” was of yet, it’s something that we would love to see! The energy that radiates from this song is truly compelling. One can only imagine how it will translate on to a stage in front of an adoring audience. We can just picture thousands of the BTS army chanting the lyrics right back at them. How we would love to be part of that crowd when “Dis-ease” is perfomred for the first time.

7) Stay

“Stay” showcases the bands wonderful vocals perfectly once again. They hit us with those flawless harmonies the moment the song begins. “Stay” has to be one of the most unique tracks on the album. It certainly stands out to us. The way it starts off so simple, before the music drops and transforms into this insane dance number. The drop hits you like a train, but it’s a feeling that you will happily welcome.

8) Dynamite

Last but not least we have a track that we’re sure you’re all familiar with. BTS released “Dynamite” as a single a few moths ago and fans went ecstatic over it! “Dynamite” is the definition of pop. It’s impossible not to fall in love with it. Guarantee it’s on most music lovers playlists. Even if pop isn’t your genre, BTS are sure to change your mind.

The group also dropped a colourful, upbeat music video that has seen a massive 625 million views and counting! To be one of those views, be sure to check it out below;

“BE” has to be one of the years most highly anticipated album. Now that it is here, we doubt fans will be left disappointed. It’s going to be massive so be sure to get streaming on Spotify. We’re sure you already do, but for future updates, you can follow BTS on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

So, what’s your favourite track on “BE”? Let us know over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise