REVIEW – Ginesse Releases Debut EP ‘Somewhere To Die’

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Miranda

Ginesse – a music project put together by Cait Fairbanks – drops her debut EP “Somewhere To Die.” The EP is now available to stream on Spotify!

It starts off strong with the track that inspired the title of the EP “Somewhere To Die.” Here, we’re first introduced to the sound of Ginesse. She has a a beautiful voice that flows flawlessly. “Somewhere To Die” is an indie-pop number that will have you hooked instantly.

The EP then perfectly blends into “All That I Wanted.” We can’t help but get some Taylor Swift vibes from this track. It’s a heartbreaking, yet catchy number about just wanting to be with someone you can’t have. It has quite a contrasting sound to the next song which is “4:2.” Whilst “All That I Wanted” has that catchy beat to it, “4:2” has more of a slower sound. You will be entranced and get lost into the world of Ginesse.

“Dirtybird” is what we hear next. This has more of a sultry, atmospheric take to it. It’s one of those songs where you wish you already knew the words before listening to it. The chorus is so addictive to listen to, you’ll feel like you already know it – even it’s you’re first listen.

When then approach the end of “Somewhere To Die” with “White Denim.” This has a similar feel to “Dirtybird,” but still stands out as it’s own, individual track. The best thing about this EP is that all the songs go together, and also work on their own. It keeps you on your toes whilst still being able to enjoy the unique sound that Ginesse has formulated.

“Somewhere To Die” has some absolutely stunning tracks within it. You can physically hear all the hard work and emotion has been poured into each and every track, that has been put together for our listening pleasure. When talking about the EP, Ginesse says;

“I want my music to make people feel like the whole world is wrapping around them. If I give someone an emotional picture of a specific moment, that is truly special.

This is one that you need to support. For any other updates, be sure to follow Ginesse on Twitter and Instagram.

‘Somewhere To Die’¬†Track List:

1. LA Isn’t Somewhere To Die¬†
2. All That I Wanted
3. 4:2
4. Dirtybird
5. White Denim

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