INTERVIEW – Stevie From Bad Touch Talks About Upcoming Tour

Bad Touch have recently announced their upcoming tour for 2021!

The tour sees a whopping fourteen dates across the UK and including; Norwich, Manchester, London, Cardiff and Glasgow, and others. Full dates can be found at the bottom of the article.

Ahead of tour, Bad Touch have also been busy in the studio and have recently dropped their most recent album “Kiss The Sky” – which is now available to stream on Spotify!

We wanted to know more about this tour and the release of their new album. Stevie kindly enlightened us on everything we wanted to know! Here is what he had to say;

Hello! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to talk to us. Let’s start by talking about your upcoming tour! How excited are you to be getting back on stage again? What are you looking forward to the most? 

You’re very welcome, thanks for your time! We’re looking forward to reconnecting with The Bad Touch Family, making new friends, and just trying to give people (including ourselves) a night away from this crazy world we’re living in at the moment. If people are interested in us and our upcoming ‘Kiss The Sky Tour’ please check out 

What can your fans expect on this tour? 

With the year that 2020 has been, we owe it to our fans and to ourselves to make this the most explosive and fun tour yet, and we plan to do just that. 

This year has seen the release of your new album “Kiss The Sky.” What song are you most looking forward to playing live and why?

Speaking personally, I can hand-on-heart say that I am proud and love every track on ‘Kiss The Sky.’ This album has been the hardest one to write so far, for all the right reasons. We’ve put so much into this as individuals and collectively as a unit, and we’re super proud with the end result. It’s fun, it’s loud, it’s in-your-face, it’s everything that Bad Touch have always been, plus so much more. They’re all going to be a joy to play live. 

You’ve been a band for a good few years now. What would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in that time? 

Stay humble, keep out of the way, and be nice to the sound-guy! Haha! 

What would you say has been the worst advice you’ve been given as a band in your career? 

To maintain a distance from fans and make sure they know we’re better than them. Pfft. What a load of rubbish. We’re all in this together, and a Bad Touch show welcomes anyone and everyone as equals. See you down the front… and then at the bar! 

Who would you say have been your biggest influences in the industry and why? 

We have had the privilege of working with so many awesome and kind people over the years. The Quireboys instantly spring to mind. They gave us one of our first UK tours, and have stayed great friends to this day. We’ve been lucky to play/tour with them a few times since, and each time is more fun than the last. Also, more recently, our friends from across the pond, The Kentucky Headhunters. They have taught us so much and been an open book to us since day one. We send them all well wishes during such a awful time for all artists. 

What is the one question you wish someone would ask you in an interview, but nobody ever does? Please do answer the question you come up with! 

Oh wow, you win the award for the most original/awkward question to be asked in an interview! Urm… How do I answer this without sounding egotistical? Oh,I’ve got one! Ahem… “Stevie would you like ten grand and a back rub?” … Yes… Yes I would, that would be lovely, thanks. 

Finally, can you share any future plans with us? What are you currently working on? 

We’re always working on the next project at The Bad Touch Camp. We’ve got lots of fun stuff coming up. So keep your eyes peeled across our socials (@badtouchrocks) to be the first one in on the madness!

Big thanks to Stevie for taking time out of his day to chat with us! Be sure to visit the bands website for more details about tour, and follow their socials for more updates!

Tour Dates:


07 – The Waterfront Studio, Norwich 

08 – The Cluny, Newcastle 

09 – King Tuts, Glasgow 

10 – Beat Generator Live, Dundee 

12 – The Bread Shed, Manchester 

13 – The Key Club, Leeds 

14 – O2 Islington Academy 2, London 

15 – KK Steel Mill, Wolverhampton 

16 – The Bodega, Nottingham 

18 – The Joiners, Southampton 

19 – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 

20 – The Patriot, Newport 

21 – The Cavern, Exeter 

23 – The Tivoli, Buckley

So, what did you think of “Kiss The Sky”? What was your favourite track? Are you excited about the 2021 tour next April? Let us know over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise