Veyebs Drops New Hip-Hop Single ‘Ghost’

Veyebs releases new single ‘Ghost’ in time for a spooky Halloween vibe. You can listen to it now on Spotify!

Residing in Atlanta, Veyebs described his sound as ‘creative fusion of melodic storytelling, flow structure and relatavle lyrics. Inspired by the likes of Lupe Fiasco and Outlast, Veyebs has thrilled fans with this new release, and you won’t be disappointed.

Whilst tieing in nicely with Halloween around the corner, ‘Ghost’ is about the online term of ‘ghosting’, which comes in many different forms. Someone you were close to may one day decide to block you without your knowledge, maybe a loved one has screened your calls. Either way, it’s a horrible experience for anyone this happens to and very rarely ends in a sense of closure. The ignorant act of ghosting is now a popular term for the malicious act, and the lyrics describe this perfectly:

“You was a bridge that I had to burn,
You was a lesson I had to learn.
So many regrets if you’re askin’ her
I was a relationship amateur.”

With these lyrics come a learning about the situation at hand, you can learn a lot about yourself from being ghosted. Whether it’s the understanding that you always deserved better than that person, or knowing that in future to not put all of your trust in someone. Either way, it’s always a learning curve.

The song itself has a classic hip hop touch. It’s a very easy listen – the laid back melody sounds wonderful with the deep cutting lyrics.

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