Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass Drop Music Video for ‘Bad Times Good Vibes’

Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass have released a music video for new single ‘Bad Times Good Vibes’. You can watch it below, and the single is available to stream of Spotify.

Ten years ago, friends Frank Turner and Jon Snodgrass were hanging out and decided to write and record an album together, named ‘Buddies’. Now, a decade later, the two pals have again joined forces for follow up album ‘Buddies || Still Buddies’. From which, the single ‘Bad Times Good Vibes’ is released from. The album is now available for pre-order here.

The visual shows at home recordings of the two, with Stephen Egerton and Todd Beene helping out as well. The graphics and images make this an incredibly interesting piece! The song is catchy in a head-bangering way, and show cases the talents of all involved.

When discussing the new release, Frank Turner says:

‘Lockdown has been such a blow to the music industry, and such a drag that we were all looking for things to do. Jon and I have been buddies a long time, and I noticed the 10-year anniversary of our collaborative album was coming up. Technology is such that we were able to reprise the writing method remotely, and indeed it turns out we’ve got a lot better at it in the intervening decade. I’m really, really proud of the record.’

Jon Snodgrass also added:

‘BUDDIES II was somehow even more fun to make. It even sounds better too! Frank mixed it & we enlisted Todd Beene & Stephen Egerton. So yeah, 2 more buddies. It’s twice as good, imo. I can’t wait until 2030! It’s gonna be three times better & we’re gonna do it at sea!!”

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