Mike Clerk Releases Visual for Single ‘Thought of Fools’

Mike Clerk has recently dropped his visual for his amazing single “Thought of Fools.” The video is now available to watch via Youtube below;

“Thought of Fools” is a track that has been taken off Mike’s forthcoming album “The Space Between My Ears.” This record is due to be released in the upcoming months. The album has a collection of alternative rock songs that focus on some pretty heavy topics such as mental health issues and self reassurance. 

The video for “Thought of Fools” was filmed back in June and was directed by Sean Defrancesco. Like many artists, Mike Clerk was forced to utilise his time during lockdown and had to adapt to the times. The video had to be filmed with social distancing in place however, this didn’t stop Mike from releasing one hell of a video.

When talking about the process, the singer says;

“The house used to be a Factory which made fishing nets in the 19th century, and was built at Lower Largo on the South Coast of Fife in 1867 by Victorian entrepreneur: David Gillies – a descendant of Alexander Selkirk who spent 5 years as a castaway on a Pacific Island and became the inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s ‘Robinson Crusoe’.”

Mike Clerk was a former member of The Lost Generation. Having realising that his heart wasn’t with the band anymore, he made the tough decision to embark on his solo endeavours. Now he’s back on the music scene and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us.

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