First Frontier Release ‘Take Cover’

First Frontier have just dropped their debut single “Take Cover.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Take Cover” is an insanely upbeat track that will get you tapping your feet. It’s all about trying to avoid a burnout from all the bad news the world faces. With all the 24-hour news feeds, social media etc. it’s easy for all of it to get on top of you. The track focuses on being present and appreciating what you do have.

The single was engineered by Brett Shaw – who has worked with the likes of Florence and the Machine and Foals. It is jam packed with addicting guitar riffs, and will suit fans of rock, indie, and maybe even a bit of dance. The diversity of genres within one track is what we love to see. There’s something there for a wide audience.

First Frontier consists of Helena Poole on drums, and Paul Stafford on guitar. The pair share the responsibility of vocals and it works perfectly. Their music can be described as neo-garage, post-punk and alternative rock. Perfect for jamming in your room by yourself, or with a group of friends.

This is a band that is worth getting behind. “Take Cover” is their first single and we have no doubt they have a lot more in store. Be sure to follow their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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