Leila Releases the Stunning ‘By You Now’

Leila has released her new single named ‘By You Now’, combining jazz, indie pop and soul to create her own unique sound. It’s available now on all major streaming platforms!

All the way from Pennsylvania, Leila has come from a musical childhood with singing, dancing and piano playing. With this in mind, it was almost inevitable that a music career was on the cards. Leila describes her sound as ‘Subtle Freak Hawaiian Prom’. As niche as that may sound, Leila has produced her own musical material in a way that you’ve never heard before. As well as the songs themselves, Leila is also responsible when it comes to artwork and music videos. She’s a very creative woman for sure!

The dreamy ‘By You Now’ will have you reaching for the repeat button for sure. The laid back vibe is exactly what you’re after if you’re looking to disassociate from the day to day stresses we’re all feeling lately. Leila’s vocals are beautiful and seem effortless. There are many elements such as the aforementioned soul jazz and indie, and it works perfectly. The change in tempo towards the end of the track will have you falling asleep for all the right reasons! We guarantee this new song will be your new way to escape.

When asked about the news track, Leila advised:

“Despite how emphatically we attempt to distract ourselves, the reality of heartbreak inevitably sets in. That’s the arc I was going for in ‘By You Now’ with a vibrant upbeat opening that ultimately leads to a somber and lonely ending”.

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