In Earnest Release New Single ’29’

Alt-indie trio in earnest have just dropped their brand-new single “29” – now available to stream on Spotify!

“29” is wonderful, reminiscent track that was written by member Tom on his 29th birthday. The song looks back at his life so far, talking the listeners through all his childhood memories. On birthdays, we always have that feeling that another year in our life has passed and we look back on our lives. “29” will sure sit with many people.

When talking about the song in more depth, Tom says;

The song is a collage of true stories that have shaped me, involving punching my dad at an ice rink (and regretting it), Chester Bennington and a friendly ghost. It reflects on tedious adulthood and holding onto a childlike thirst for adventure.

As the song resonates with Tom the most, his vocals take lead on the track. Sarah adds her beautiful harmonies over the top of his, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. Pair this with Toby’s amazing string parts and the masterpiece is complete.

We’ll be hearing much more of them in the coming months as in earnest will be releasing their self-titled EP on the 7th of October. If “29” is anything to go by, then the EP is definietly one to look out for. Only a few more weeks until you can hear six other incredible tracks.

The EP as written in the hopes of encouraging listeners to start conversations about mental health, self-worth, and hope – all of which needs to be discussed more within todays society. A rather admirable gesture from the trio that you need to get behind.

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