Cloud 404 Drop New Single ‘City Lights’

Irish band Cloud 404 have recently dropped their brand-new single “City Lights.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms here.

Some of the best artists and musicians that you hear are the ones where their sound is so unique, that even though you’ve never heard the song before, you know EXACTLY who’s song it is. “City Lights” offers this exact experience. With so much talent out there, this is a skill that’s hard to perfect, but Cloud 404 have managed to do it and released a masterpiece.

It’s difficult to sit still whilst listening to “City Lights.” The track was written and produced by the trio themselves. The band consists of Tedis Stumbrs, David Hynes and Ronan O’Brien and we can only hope that they continue to release bangers like this for a really long time. Also, a sidenote from the single itself but deserves equal amounts of praise, is the artwork that was done by Eleysgraphics. Truly stunning.

During the difficult times we’re currently living in, it’s even more important, now more than ever, to support your local music scene. Bands like Cloud 404 have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis and have had to cancel opportunities they were excited for. The best thing we can do as music fans and listeners, is to spread the word around for insane music like this.

Be sure you check “City Lights” out, and show further support to the band by following their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to let them know your thoughts.

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