REVIEW: Ryland James Releases Self-Titled EP

Break-out artist Ryland James has just released his long-awaited, self titled EP. You can now go check it out on Spotify.

The EP begins with “Water” – which is also the single that Ryland has released alongside the EP. It’s definitely a strong start. It’s not hard to visualise this song being played at a festival. It gives us JP Cooper vibes. When speaking of “Water”, Ryland says;

“This song is one of my favourites to perform live and one that a lot of my fans have been patiently waiting for. I wrote it on my first trip to LA and got to create the video close to home so it has a lot of exciting and sentimental value attached to it.”

We then move on to “In My Head” which is a stunningly heartbreaking track that will rip you to pieces. You’ll love it. The greatest songs of all time are the ones that make you feel deep emotions. This does exactly that. You will feel things you never felt before.

“Better” is also a beautiful ballad. The lyrics and vocals are simply heavenly. The lyric “You’re making me think I’d be better off loving myself” gave us chills! This song – and the whole EP for that matter – deserves a place on your sad songs playlist. We all have one.

The last track – before it ends with an incredible acoustic version of “Water” – is “This Moment.” This song will put you into a trance. Perhaps it will make you miss someone that is no longer in your life. Maybe it will even help you through a break-up that you’re currently going through. No matter what you’re feeling whilst listening, you will find some form of comfort.

When talking about his passion for music, the singer expresses;

“I love to stand at the front of the stage and just sing. There are no bells or whistles about it. It’s simple in that respect; I love being a singer. I want to continue to develop my voice as it really defines my artistry at the core.”

This EP has been so perfectly put together. Seven tracks is no where near enough songs, we’re craving to hear a full album. Hopefully this will be in Ryland James’ future. To keep updated, be sure to follow his Instagram and Facebook.

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