I.M the artist Releases New Single ‘Bleeding Blue’

Swedish born singer-songwriter – who goes by the name of I.M the artist – dropped her brand-new single “Bleeding Blue” at the end of July. You can check this out over on Spotify now!

“Bleeding Blue” is an extremely enchanting song that will put you in the most relaxed state of mind. I.M the artist has such an addictive singing voice, you’ll wonder why you weren’t blessed with the same talents. It’s a voice so beautiful, you can’t help but go green with envy.

The track brings out that vulnerable emotion. Every lyric sung has such passion, you feel like you’re sharing the same emotions as she is. It begins at quite a slow pace. A good tactic to have at the very beginning, as the main thing we can hear is I.M the artist’s vocals that are so raw, it leaves you fixed instantly. The song then picks up, adding a beat in to the mix, making it stand out even more.

When speaking of the track in an interview, the songstress said;

 “This track is essentially an emotional tug of war between protecting somebody you love and protecting yourself. It describes the inability to cut somebody off no matter how ugly things get. Even when we know people are bad for us — even when we can feel the rope wearing thin — sometimes we just care so much, that we’d willingly sacrifice ourselves, if it means saving those we love.

At the end of last year, her EP “Self-Made” was released and gained a tonne of local recognition, landing her with 27.2k streams! I.M the artist is a name to keep your eye on as she is ready to take over the world! Be sure to show her some support by following her Twitter and Instagram.

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