REVIEW: St Peter’s Dream drop ‘What Molly Wants’

The creative and talented St Peter’s Dream are making 2020 just that bit better with their new release ‘What Molly Wants’, out now on Spotify.

With a combination of rock and indie vibes, we’re really missing live music after discovering these guys. A real classic sound, and all members of the band have their own reason to shine. The vocals by Travis are second to none, and we couldn’t imagine anyone else supporting these lyrics. Archie on guitar and Charlie on bass, both having their own unique sound and bringing the song together. Finally, there’s Will on drums, making this the perfect collaboration and tying the track together perfectly.

Lead singer, Travis, has made the following comments about the single:

‘It’s about the realisations and understandings you pick up in your late teens, and how sometimes just from listening to people you can connect some missing pieces’.

Sharing stories and listening to others is a great way to discover vital things about yourself, that you hadn’t worked out before. We feel almost nostalgic listening to ‘What Molly Wants’ for several reasons. It’s a cross between 90s and 2000’s, but with a modern twist. It must be difficult to work those decades together! However you interpret this unique summer track, you will have it on repeat for a long time.

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