KFIR Drops Music Video for ‘Gigolo’

Back in July, Israeli-American singer/songwriter, performer, and dancer, KFIR, dropped his most recent single “Gigolo.” Now, we see the release of the music video which can be viewed below;

“Gigolo” is a dance track that will have you up on your feet. The beats are infectious and will travel through your body. The track came about last summer after KFIR was hit by a wave of inspiration. It was then produced by Benbeatz who was able to make the song what it is today.

The music video was filmed and co-directed by Tom Flynn. Together, Tom and KFIR were able to put their creativity together and successfully created a colourful and vibrant masterpiece. When talking of the video, the singer says;

“Having limited resources in this global state we wanted to do something more abstract and entertaining.. The great thing was that Gigolo is a personal song so the lyrics don’t really need a broader representation of other people’s thoughts or emotions. So just like the privacy of the track, we wanted to create something more private and performance like. To give the viewer permission to get into Kfir’s heart visually.”

KFIR has certainly had an interesting career as a performer. He was once the the lead male dancer and singer/actor in Andrew Llyod Webber ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and initially gained recognition as a classical trained ballet dancer. He is clearly a very talented man, and this shines through on his own, original music.

“Gigolo” is now available to stream on Spotify, and be sure to follow KFIR on Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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