Courtney Cole Releases Earthquake EP

Courtney Cole is an up and coming singer song-writer, originally from Nashville, TN. She has toured with the likes of Miranda Lambert, Kane Brown and Kenny Chesney, as well as co-written songs with Grammy Award winning Shane McAnally. Courtney is now based in Los Angeles, and we’re thrilled to announce her new EP, ‘Earthquake’ is available to stream on Spotify now.

The EP kicks off with ‘Spiritual’. This is one of those ballads that you’ll find hard to forget even after just listening to it once. The song is all about the stars aligning and believing in the time and place of meeting someone new. That things are meant to be.

Following this, the second track is named ‘Right Direction’. This reminds us of the uncertainty that a lot of us feel anxious about every day. Right Direction is the acknowledgement that although situations can sometimes be out of our own control, we can do our best to accept fate.

Next up, we have ‘New Eyes’. A slightly different vibe from the first two, however it’s the perfect blend of Spiritual and Right Direction in terms of the message portrayed. Finding the right person who accepts you for who you are can allow you to see yourself, and everything around you from a different perspective.

The final song from the EP is ‘Earthquake’. This perfect belter rounds up the EP perfectly. With a large vocal range as well as the upbeat backing track, we were happy to have finished the EP on a high! Incredibly self-empowering.

We’re really impressed with what Courtney Cole has to offer, and can’t wait to see what she does next. Be sure to check out her Twitter and Instagram to keep updated

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