Bristol band Lespectre have just released their very first single “Such A Simple Thing.” The track is a good indicator of what’s to come as the band prepare to drop their album “A STRAY, A DREAM, FORGIVENESS” on Friday the 16th of October. In the meantime, the single is now avaliable to stream on Spotify! A lyric video can also bee seen below:

“Such A Simple Dream” is a charming song that will put you in a trance upon listening. You’ll find yourself gently swaying to it’s soothing sounds, taking in the pure simplicity of it. The five-piece made the single even more enchanting by having Bath folk artist Douglas Joshua on cello as a feature.

When speaking about the song, singer and guitarist Tom Hackwell says;

“It’s a track that shows off everyone’s strengths. It all came together to form this whole picture of Lespectre that’s indicative of the band’s sound. It’s the one song that every other song on the album takes something from. It’s like the well from which the forest drank, this song that fed everything else.”

So, what can we expect from the new album? There are nine tracks in total and will sure be one to watch out for. Lespectre wants the listeners to make their own interpretation of the songs. Tom goes on to say;

“Some of my favourite pieces of art give the viewer space to decide what it’s about themselves. Rather than making it a dot to dot drawing, it’s nice to let people exercise their own imagination.”

This makes the album sound even more interesting. The fact that we, the listeners, can take the songs however way we see fit, means that we will connect with it instantly.

To make sure you don’t forget when the album is out, be sure to check out the bands’ website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram. It’s one that you certainly don’t want to miss.

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