INTERVIEW: Ian Pont Talks About His Most Recent EP ‘Revelations’

Ian Pont has recently released his brand-new EP “Revelations.” You can now stream it on Spotify!

“Revelations” is a stunning collection of songs that you just have to give a listen. Ian has one of those voices that draws you into a song the moment you press play. The EP starts off strong with “I Wanna Love You Again.” It’s a track that perfectly showcases Ians’ vocals and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. You’ll be singing it at the top of your lungs with full passion.

As well as “Revelations,” Ian has also released a couple of singles including “No Parachute.” Once again, his vocals are what truly makes this song what it is. It’s an inspirational track that you will have on repeat.

We wanted to know more about this beautiful EP, so got in touch with Ian Pont to ask him a few questions. Here is what he had to say:

Hey Ian! You currently have an EP out called “Revelations”. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about it? How did that come about?

I am not a songwriter myself so I sought out previously unknown or unreleased tracks written by songwriters. I came across a few that I wanted to sing and sat in my vocal range. But I also wanted there to be a mix of tracks that had a pop or dance influence. With 5 tracks ready to go, the EP came about so I could get a back catalogue out and start populating the digital platforms. I have been lucky to find some great music! 

What would you say is your favourite song on the EP and why?

The dance track “I Love The Way” is really a fantastic summer anthem. It’s catchy and has a great dance beat & vibe. The other stand out for me is “You Are Beautiful”, which has great uplifting lyrics and a really simple melody line. 

Who are your musical influences? Is there anyone in particular you look up to?

I grew up loving the 80s music including the likes of Spandau Ballet, ELO, Duran Duran, Go West and The Eagles. Later music, I think Gary Barlow is a genius, alongside Paul Carrick. Very recently, George Ezra is someone I enjoy listening to. But I have an eclectic mix of music tastes genre wise, including musicals..

You’re also a very sporty person. You’re a former cricketer. How did your path turn to music? What made you want to become a musician?

I have been singing in choirs for a few years and rehearsing in the Half A Sixpence musical. One of my fellow actors suggested a recording studio for getting my voice recorded. I hadn’t thought that much about it but put down a few songs I liked to sing. They sounded great and I was surprised at the reaction from others who heard them. This all happened during lockdown. So things have spiralled quickly into 7 released tracks in just 2 months.

What advice would you give to someone who is hesitant to pursue something they love doing?

My biggest advice is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We often regret more the things we don’t try rather than the things we do try. Be confident. Try it. And adjust as you go.

Of course, with the world the way it is currently, some people have been finding it hard to keep motivated. How have you been able to keep motivated during lockdown?

Lockdown has been my excuse to get the music project going. I have been doing zoom choir sessions too and started a karaoke evening with some friends in the choir every Wednesday since lockdown started. That’s been great fun.

Finally, what are you currently working on? Can you tell us of any future plans?

I am aiming for a concert in September 2021 locally. But I have two or three tracks in various stages of recording right now. I also have my own track written and top lined with my own lyrics, which I plan to complete at some stage. As an artist I just hope I can engage a larger audience, who enjoy the music, and build and develop a career. However, it’s not easy to get your music out there to the right ears. I just hope as many as possible can find my stuff.

Massive thank you to Ian Pont for taking time out of his day to answer our questions! “Revelations” is definitely an EP you have to check out and we wish him the best of luck with it. To show further support, be sure to follow Ian on his Twitter!


  1. I Wanna Love You Again
  2. You Are Beautiful
  3. Loving In The Now
  4. Best Part Of Me
  5. Love The Way

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