Sophie Doyle Ryder Releases ‘Too Much’

Photo Credit - Alannah Calvert

Sophie Doyle Ryder has recently released her brand-new single “Too Much.” It is now available to stream on Spotify here.

As a young girl in the music industry, it can be difficult to have your own sound. However, this is something that Irelands’ Sophie Doyle Ryder has done perfectly, and we’re here for it. We can’t wait for her to take the industry by storm. Sophie has been writing her own material since she was only 10 years old, and has raw content drawn from her own experiences. This is definitely some of the most personal lyrics we have reviewed.

At just 18 and after only 11 months, she is ready to release her 3rd single, ‘Too Much’. When asked about the inspiration for this song, Sophie said ‘I wrote the song about a relationship that was super one-sided. I felt like it was always me giving and always him taking’. The song describes perfectly how there can sometimes be an unfair balance in a relationship. The lyrics portray this feeling, when efforts become incredibly one-sided and therefore creating friction and guilt from both parties.

Sophie has been very open with her thoughts of how she’d like this song to be portrayed. She hopes that the track will give others in a similar position the confidence to make the right decision. Acknowledge that you’re worth more, and do what makes you happy. Nobody should have to ‘settle’.

Too Much reminds us of old school Rihanna (songs like ‘Complicated’ and ‘Fading’). It can’t be only us that miss that pure pop vibe with a raw sound. In conclusion, we’re very impressed with Sophie’s unique sound and we’re impressed that she has already found her own personal style of music in such a short space of time.

There’s plenty of ways to keep up with what Sophie is up to. Be sure to check out her Twitter for more updates.

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