Kings County Cover A Flock of Seagulls Classic, ‘I Ran’

Kings County are ready to take the Rock world by storm with their new cover, originally by ‘A Flock of Seagulls’. Consisting of Rob Dexter on vocals and bass, Steve Bell on vocals and guitar, Joe Lopez on drums and Bill Kania on vocals and guitar, Kings County forms perfectly. Originally from Orlando, FL., Kings County have created their own spin on 80’s New Wave classic, ‘I Ran’. Now available to stream via Spotify.

The strong melody as well as the hard-hitting rock sound makes us wish we discovered these guys sooner. 80’s New Wave to Rock – who’d have thought it? This is definitely a cover pairing we’d like to see more of. We hadn’t considered the two together before, but now we want to see so much more of this! 

When talking about the track, Rob Dexter (vocals and bass) says;

“We’ve always been fans of the 80’s new wave bands and their music really converts nicely to hard Rock. Whether the meaning of “I Ran” is someone running towards or away from something, Kings County’s version will have you banging your head while grabbing for a can of aquanet.”

We’re certainly catching the same vibe, and we’ll be having this on repeat for a while. 

The track was also produced by Grammy Award winning producer and engineer, Chuck Alkazian, who has worked with the likes of ‘Pop Evil’, ‘Tantric’ and ‘Soundgarden’. It was put together at Pearl Sound Studios that has seen the likes of Asking Alexandria, and Eminem. (How cool is that?!) 

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