Emily Craig Releases New Single ‘I Think I Like You’

On the 30th of July, Emily Craig dropped her most recent single “I Think I Like You.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify.

“I Think I Like You” is a lovely track that was written by Emily whilst she was living abroad in Spain. Her lyrics are honest, relatable, and highly addictive. She is able to perfectly paint a picture within her storytelling. This track is just fun. Ideal for the summer, and just an all round incredible listen.

One thing we love over here at About The Noise is fresh new talent. Discovering someone that we know everyone would love. Emily Craig fits that bill. As a teenager, she was classically trained in voice and piano before continuing to explore other genres whilst studying languages at University College London. Whilst there, she performed with jazz bands at venues across the city.

As she studied languages, she spent a lot of her time abroad exploring France and Spain, where she became fascinated by the people that she met. These people and experiences are what inspires her music.

“I Think I Like You” would make the perfect soundtrack to a Rom-Com. You can picture the scene now. Two people meet, fall in love, something happens that pulls them apart, then a montage of them missing each other appears with Emily’s song playing in the background, then they reunite and all is well. Maybe we watch too many romantic comedies but it’s the vibe we’re getting!

Since returning home, Emily has been performing again at local venues. Of course, this is something that is rather hard to do now. But it’s not hard to imagine that an audience would be so engrossed by the stories that she tells within her lyrics, they’ll want to come back for more.

We’re excited to see what else Emily Craig will be releasing in the future! For more updates, feel free to follow Emily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to stream “I Think I Like You” because you’re bound to love it!

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