REVIEW: Ellie Goulding Releases New Album ‘Brightest Blue’

Photo Credit - Louie Banks

After a bit of a Hiatus, Ellie Goulding has released her new album ‘Brightest Blue’, and we’re far from disappointed. Ellie has spoiled us with 19 new tracks, check out what we think below!

The albums first track is named ‘Start’. This has such a chilled out vibe, and has relaxed us here at About The Noise! The feature with serpentwithfeet, is all about acknowledging your personal reactions to whatever life throws at you, and knowing when to turn over a new leaf and ‘start’ again.

A couple of tracks later, we hear ‘How Deep Is Too Deep’. A similar vibe – but also gives you that lump in the back of your throat feeling. We can certainly imagine working out with this one, it’s super motivating!

Not too long after, we’ve discovered ‘Love I’m Given’. This is one of our favourites. The lyrics to this tune hit a little differently and is super relatable. It’s all about identifying you can change the person that you are for the better, but can’t change what’s already been said and done.

‘Woman’, for us, is in an entire league of its own. The stunning vocals and soft piano have that signature Ellie Goulding sound we’ve grown to love. You have to listen to this one. The track has a really powerful message, suggesting that life isn’t about the destination but often about the journey of getting there. It’s also about acceptance, and being confident with the person you are.

‘Bleach’ is also another strong contender. This one has a really acoustic vibe towards the beginning and has a slow progression throughout the song. Have you ever had a long cold shower to get rid of dark thoughts and to try and ‘clean’ your mind? This track is all about that. The desperation of wanting to forget.

The next one we want to mention is ‘Worry About Me’ This one features blackbear and has a different feeling to most others on the album. Similar to ‘Woman’, we’ll listen to this one when we want to be happy in our own skin and accept ourselves.

‘Close To Me’ features Diplo and Swae Lee. This may already be one of your favourites, as it was actually released back in November 2018. A bop none-the-less.

The album concludes with ‘Sixteen’. Again, this was a release back in 2019. The track placement sees us finishing with a high. A song to reminisce to, and see how far you’ve come!

‘Brightest Blue’ is available to listen to now on all streaming platforms.

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