Peco Takes on 80’s Classic ‘A Good Heart’ for his Latest Single.

Peco has just released his cover of Feargal Sharkeys’ hit “A Good Heart” as his most recent single. You can find the track via his website. You can also watch the music video below:

The stripped-back version of the song provides stunning acoustics as well as Peco’s flawless vocals. He was asked to cover another Irish singers’ song for the London-based radio show “The Irish Jam.” “A Good Heart” instantly came to mind for Peco as it was one of the first songs he fell in love with after listening to it on the radio.

The original version was written by Maria Mckee. Peco just so happened to have listened to a radio interview of hers and it automatically bought the song to the front of his mind. Just like fate. He was so pleased with how the track came out, he decided that it was good enough to be his most recent single. We couldn’t have agreed more. It offers such a chill vibe and Peco was successful in making the track sound like his own.

Just like every song that’s currently being released, “A Good Heart” was recorded during the lockdown. It was mixed by the very talented Martin Quinn at Jam Studios.

It truly is a beautiful track that you must listen to and appreciate. Be sure to follow Peco on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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