Our Top 5 Favourite ‘Catfish’ Episodes

With the recent news of Nev and Kamie filming a new series digitally this summer, we’ve put together our Top 5 Catfish episodes!

From the weird to the wicked, it just goes to show you can never really trust who you meet online. Brace yourselves – this is going to get strange!

5) Keyonnah & Lil Bow Wow.

This is the first of two celebrity Catfish episodes in our Top 5. ‘Lil Bow Wow’ reached out to Keyonnah directly, after seeing her comment on one of his many fan pages. Keyonnah soon fell into the trap and thought she was speaking to her teen idol. This outlook was backed up by having roughly $10,000 dollars sent to her when she was struggling with finances. After investigating, Lil Bow Wow agreed to meet the guys. Lil Bow Wow was actually ‘Dee’. A lesbian from Atlanta, using the celebrities’ pictures to speak to other girls. Keyonnah was devastated, and we completely understand why!

4) Artis and Jess.

At the beginning of the show, Artis is in a tricky situation. He has a real-life girlfriend but has also sparked a romance with Jess online. After Nev & Max convince Artis to tell the truth to his existing lady, the investigation begins. Although not keen at first, Jess finally agreed to meet Artis and the team. Possibly the last thing that anyone was expecting… Jess was actually Justin. A man who had purposely set up the Jess profile to test the commitment of men in existing relationships. This is probably the most awkward Catfish we’ve ever seen!

3) Antwane & Tony.

Antwane met Tony on a call line chat room – and still stands to be one of the only Catfish couples that weren’t based on online interaction. The couple would leave each other voicemails back and fourth, however, had never seen a picture of each other! With this in mind, Antwane’s cousin Carmen reached out to the show. After a lack of contact from Tony and an unlucky investigation, the crew set off to visit locations that came up in their searches. After reaching the final house with no joy, Carmen admits that it was her all along… She had been playing with Antwane’s feelings as payback for calling her names in front of their family. This is one to watch if you haven’t already!

2) Spencer & Katy.

We’ve all seen the fake profiles of celebrities out there. There are thousands and thousands on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. However, if a profile seeming to be Katy Perry reached out to you, would you believe it? This fascinating episode involves Spencer trying to track down the girl of his teenage dreams, KP herself. But is it the real thing? You’ll have to watch to find out!

1) Kayla & Courtney.

In our eyes, this was the most gripping episode and had us hanging onto the edge of our seats from the get-go. Kayla received a message on Facebook out of the blue from Courtney, claiming that she had been given messages to pass on from Kayla’s dad. However, Kayla’s dad committed suicide long before Courtney got in touch. We won’t spoil anything – So give it a watch and find how skeptical Nev & Max deal with their first beyond-the-grave Catfish story!

From celebrity to impersonators, to a spooky meeting on Facebook. We love Catfish. Every episode is so different to the next, and we love guessing who the culprit might be.

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