Billie Eilish Releases ‘my future’ Single and Video

Billie Eilish impressed her fans recently by dropping her newest single “my future.” Alongside this, we were also treated to a fantastic animated music video – which you just have to watch!

“my future” is a beautiful ballad that compliments Billie’s voice perfectly. It’s a calming track that is sure to put you in a dreamlike state. It will certainly have a place on your meditation playlist. Halfway through the song, there’s a transition from soothing sounds, to slightly more up beat. You’ll go from swaying to foot tapping in seconds.

We feel that “my future” will suit everyone’s music taste. Whilst it has a jazz vibe to it, it has such a relaxing effect on you that you don’t have to enjoy that style of music to appreciate it. With the stresses that this year has given all of us, we all need to take time to calm down and chill out. This is the perfect song to help you with that.

Billie Eilish has stated in interviews that “my future” is about “being content.” This is something that the singer/songwriter has done exquisitely. It can also be seen in one of the best music videos that has been released this year. We see an animated Billie Eilish – green hair, stunning blue eyes, baggy clothes – everything we all love her for – walking through a rainy forest. This progresses more as the song lifts. The rain goes away, the sun is shining, everything is lovely and as it should be.

Just like every artist and musician from around the world, Billie has found herself working on her music from home. With no performances and nowhere to go, she was forced to stay indoors with her creativity. Now, she’s given the world the outcome of this and we can’t wait to hear more.

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