Hazlett Releases ‘Slow Running’

Hazlett has released the gorgeous new track ‘Slow Running’. It’s available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

It’s been a busy year for Hazlett, with the release of his debut album earlier this year and touring the UK and Europe with Wild Rivers and Josiah & The Bonnevilles. Born in Australia and based in Sweden, the rest of 2023 shows no sign of him slowing day with the recent release of ‘Show Running’.

Feeling the raw emotional vibe of the track and setting the scene for the upcoming EP, ‘Slow Running’ is the perfect listen for those cold and rainy days. Grounding you back to earth and realising what’s important, the song belongs on many playlists for easy listening and Sunday morning feels.

When discussing the new song, Hazlett said:

When the going’s good and all is well it usually means there’s a strange little thought that wonders how long is it going to last. Maybe we’ve all grown too cynical, thinking the good times are never going to last or we’ve stumbled into a strange emotional evolution. Before anything has a chance to hurt us we’ve already prepared for the ghost. Bunkered down in our thoughts and vivid imaginations of what might come and what might not ever be.

As well as the new single, Hazlett will be releasing his gorgeous new EP ‘Goodbye to the Valley Low’ on 8th December. The delicate and indie-folk sounding collection will be completed with 6 tracks for fans and listeners to devour.

‘Goodbye to the Valley Low’ was produced by long-time collaborator Freddy Alexander, it was created in a cabin on the west coast of Sweden to focus on the raw sound and vibe. As well as fan favourites, new tracks include ‘Cemetery’ and ‘Stolen Seasons’.  

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