The Super Mario Bros. Movie Lands in Cinemas

Fans have flogged to the cinema over the Easter Bank Holiday to watch the brand new Super Mario Bros. movie.

Whether it’s for nostalgic reasons or a family outing, many viewers have praised the film for its’ gripping story line and perfect blend of familiar music and themes.

Mario and Luigi are struggling plumbers, looking for reliable work in New York. When Manhattan comes flooded, the brothers make use of the news report and hope to fix the issue. With so much publicity on the flood, they are bound to be booked for future jobs if they manage to get to the bottom of it!

While investigating the flood, they come across a green tunnel that beckons them closer. However, in true Super Mario Bros. style, Luigi finds himself in the Dark Lands, ruled by the evil Bowser and desperate to escape. Mario, however, lands in Mushroom Kingdom.

Known for its’ sense of freedom and lack of trouble, Mushroom Kingdom is the home to the gorgeous Princess Peach. Together the gang must find a way to defeat Bowser who wants to rule the Kingdom, and free Luigi from the Dark Lands. But will be be that easy? The film is a constant for throwing the gang off the mark and fun interruptions along the way.

If you’re looking for a fun filled action packed animation this half term, this is definitely a watch for you and the family. Whether you’ve played the Super Mario Bros. games since you were a kid or know nothing at all about the franchise, it’s an exciting watch either way!

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