Catholic Guilt Return with ‘Live For The Rush’

Catholic Guilt have returned with their brand new banger ‘Live For The Rush’. It’s available to listen on all major streaming platforms!

Catholic Guilt comprises of Brenton Harris on vocals, Dean Gordon and Megan Sidwell on guitar and vocals, Ben Caruana on bass and Michael Condello on drums.

Back in 2018, the band released their debut EP ‘Hymnbook Vol. 1’ which saw them sell out an incredible venue in Melbourne, Reverence Hotel, and also secured national airplay via triple j for ‘Counterfeit Guitars’ and ‘Paper & Ink’. Further on from this in 2020, Catholic Guilt released their critically acclaimed follow up record ‘This Is What Honesty Sounds Like’ with the Californian label Wiretap Records.

Now they return with ‘Live For The Rush’!

When discussing the track, Brenton said:

‘Live For The Rush’ is a song about wanting to feel truly ‘alive’ again, after a prolonged period of emotional paralysis. It is about holding an insatiable desire to experience the sensation of life, yet at the same time living in fear of the risks and changes that might be required to do so. It is a very human thing to want to feel everything, all at once, to want to explore all that this finite existence can offer, yet it is also a very human thing to want to protect the status quo because the status quo offers the safety and the surety of knowing, even if what we know isn’t providing fulfilment. ’Live For The Rush’ is an anthem about rediscovering the joy of the unknown and in the process learning to feel again.

You’ll be hooked from the beginning with ‘Live For The Rush’. It’s perfectly timed clash of instruments support the lovely sounding vocals of the band.

The verses really set up the structure of the track, allowing the chorus to display a full on burst of energy! A really important message too, with the wanting to experience life to it’s fullest, all the time.

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