City and Colour Announce Album ‘The Love Still Held Me Near’

City and Colour have this week announced their most emotionally charged album to date, ‘The Love Still Held Me Near’.

City and Colour is the acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Dallas Green. He has announced the release of his highly anticipated new album, that is due to be released on 31st March via Still Records (of Dine Alone Records).

‘The Love Still Held Me Near’ is deeply personal and fans can’t wait to hear and relate to the wise words that Dallas Green so poetically puts together.

When discussing the new release, Dallas Green shared:

The Love Still Held Me Near was born out of unimaginable loss and the subsequent journey through the grief and heartache that followed. It’s about digging deep down into yourself and attempting to unearth hope and light in the things that can comfort you through those times. For me that has always been writing and recording music, so that’s exactly what I did.” 

City and Colour have had 6 studio albums to date, and have grown a huge, passionate fan base worldwide. Many connect to the deep and meaningful lyrics, which can help grow an intimate connection. The new release promises to have the same vibe, you can find the track list below:

1. Meant to Be
2. Underground
3. Fucked it Up
4. The Love Still Held Me Near
5. A Little Mercy
6. Things We Choose to Care About
7. After Disaster
8. Without Warning
9. Hard, Hard Time
10. The Water is Coming
11. Bow Down to Love
12. Begin Again

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