The Walking Dead Comes to an Emotional End!

The Walking Dead has come to a close after 11 seasons of the apocalypse. Fans around the world have mixed emotions with the series’ end!

In true zombie fiction style, the grand finale saw that nobody was safe in the run up to the end of the series. With a combination of different walker variants as well as the ongoing feud with the Commonwealth, fans who have been there from the start watched in awe as the fantastic show came to a close.

Season 11 has seen the groups biggest threat in the form of the Commonwealth. A place that from the outside looking in seems unlikely more than 10 years into the apocalypse. There’s currency, jobs, ice cream and a real hierarchy. Towards the end of the season we’ve seen the citizens riot over the outcome to Eugene’s trial, so a hoard of walkers are ushered towards the city in order to have people return to their homes.

As you have likely guessed, this didn’t work and instead a smarter variant of zombie took over the city who were able to climb the fences. With everyone in danger in some form or another, who manages to survive?

The series finale was a gorgeous send off to the characters who didn’t make it, as well as the show itself. In the setting of a zombie takeover, it’s natural to have characters come and go. However, characters that have been regulars since season 1 such as Daryl and Carol have defeated odds in making it this far.

The Walking Dead might be over but it’s universe is still expanding. With spin off shows such as The Rick and Michonne Show, The Daryl Dixon Show, and Dead City featuring Maggie and Negan, you won’t feel without for long as the journey continues to proceed full circle.

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