REVIEW – Don’t Worry Darling Comes to Cinemas!

Don’t Worry Darling has hit cinemas around the world. Viewers have watched in angst at the visual tale, proving a perfect world cannot exist!

The film revolves around Jack Chambers (Harry Styles) and Alice Chambers (Florence Pugh) in what appears to be the perfect set up. In a world set in the 60’s, the married pair have the perfect life – Jack heads out to work every day, while Alice looks after their gorgeous home and prepares dinner.

However, it is slowly revealed that not all is what it seems. How can this lifestyle work in the real world? Frank (Chris Pine) and Shelley (Gemma Chan) are key character to the story and are also married themselves. Frank is the mind behind the wonderful world they live in, with the support of Shelley running numerous fitness classes for the residents. As you can see, it is truly a star-studded line-up with some incredible acting performances.

Alice begins to question her surroundings and lifestyle when she sees a plane crash on the outskirts of town. From here, she is looking into every detail of her world and realises that it simply doesn’t add up. But will she ever be able to escape the cycle?

Don’t Worry Darling is a thought-provoking piece of media that will have you asking questions about reality for a very long time. Viewers have also commented on where the world is heading in terms of technology, and how the film paints this progression in a negative light.

If you’re looking for a psychological thriller to get your mind in motion, this is one for you. Its huge twist will have you on the edge of your seat and wondering how you didn’t work it out all along!

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