Tara Lily Releases Her New Single ‘You Can Go’

“You Can Go” is the brand-new R&B single from the wonderful Tara Lily – released ahead of her new EP out this Friday!

The track is filled with slik vocals that allows you to escape into the soulful sound. It gives a peek into what’s to come as the singer prepares for the release of her new EP “Last Flight Out.” The EP will see five tracks where Tara has blended jazz, alt R&B, Indian classical, dance and much more. You will be transported around the world with the unique and diverse sounds. “You Can Go” is the perfect place to start before you immerse yourself into the musical journey Tara Lily hopes you’ll take whilst listening. She explains;

“I guess for me this project was about pushing the boundaries of jazz. So, you have a DnB track with trumpet, an Afro-Asian dance fusion, and some Indo-Jazz. They’re all about exploring the limits of the genre and stretching it into different spaces. Fundamentally, jazz is at the root of everything that I do – I’ve explored working with other sounds and genres as I’ve gone along. Whether it’s being influenced by life, relationships, people, or culture – I’m always exploring pushing jazz in the realms of modern music and making it relative to who I am and how I live my life today.”

Tara is from a Bengali/British family, and has been classically trained as a jazz musician. This new project has allowed her to delve deeper into her South Asian heritage and comprehensive musical experience. She has allowed herself to experiment with a mix of a variety of different genres, and now she’s ready to share with her listeners what she has discovered. She has her own style that stands out from the rest, making her one of the r&b artist to watch out for.

“You Can Go” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms. You don’t have to wait long for “Last Flight Out” but, it is available to pre-save now!

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