GUISE Drop Music Video for ‘The Boy & The Thief’

Credit: Ben Morse Guise

GUISE have released their brand new music video for track ‘The Boy & The Thief’. You can watch the gorgeous visuals on YouTube!

GUISE are a four piece band consisting of Jess Guide on vocals and guitar, Laura Hanna on vocals, Totas Halder on Bass and Keith Barry on drums. Earlier this year, they released their debut album ‘Youngest Daughter’ which will also be available on vinyl from 9th September. You can listen to the album here.

The music video is really fun and has a documentary like vibe, offering a behind the scenes peak at touring. Accommodating the song perfectly, the visuals show short snippets of the band creating the track and is a real deep dive into their on and off stage presence. The video and audio compliment each other in terms of pace and rhythm:

When discussing the track, Jessica explains:

“Sometimes writing a song is like carving a sculpture or fishing by the side of a very still lake, but sometimes it’s just like being given a present that you have to unwrap really really quickly before it disappears. This was the latter; it started forming in my head on a long walk home one day and I had to run home to get it written before I forgot it. It’s about a friend of mine who was having no luck in love, and how we both consistently made terrible choices… The video is a tongue in cheek tour video aiming to capture the spirit of friendship, adventure and honesty that’s behind the band.”

GUISE will be touring with Frank Turner and the New Pagans in Germany later this year, and also are also having their own one off set in Manchester. You can find the dates below:

11/09/22 Hamburg
12/09/22 Cologne
13/09/22 Wiesbaden
15/09/22 Berlin (Lost Evenings V Festival) 

13/10/22 Manchester Folk Expo

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