Deaton Chris Anthony Drops ‘Sid The Kid’

Deaton Chris Anthony has released his brand new album ‘Sid The Kid’. It is now available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Deaton has a mind like no other with creativity running through his veins. With the ability to paint a picture with his words, ‘Sid The Kid’ is no exception to the daydream. The album is a depiction of Sid growing up. The character is based on a young Deaton, growing up in Kansas with his brother Korbin.

When discussing the new release, Deaton Chris Anthony said:

“I draw inspiration from childhood. I have an older brother, Korbin. This record is dedicated to him. We would drive in the country in Kansas with the sunroof open. We’d listen to Dashboard Confessional, a lot of emo stuff, and he would scream the lyrics, looking up at the stars. That’s where SID THE KID takes place: rural Kansas. Imagine this: I was a chubby ten-year-old, and my nickname was Sid the Kid. Korbin and I lived in this little shed in the middle of this forest. This shed had our computer, T.V. and all of our music gear. We’d walk to school nearby, and we hung out at the skate park and the bowling alley.

The album starts strong with ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To School’, which will take you right back to that dreaded Sunday evening feeling. Now as adults, it’s crazy to think that as a child the only worry in the world is not wanting to go to school, if only that was the case now!

A couple of tracks later is ‘Shed Head’. With the perfect amount of synth and beautiful production, this is a really easy listen and explains how a certain place, in this place a shed, can take you to new places and be comfortable to explore your creativity.

‘I Told You I Hate This Feeling’ has a slightly different vibe and is almost haunting. The raw passion in the vocals is second to none from Deaton, making it an emotional listen. A few tracks beyond that is ‘Go!’ and is as exciting as it sounds.

‘I Don’t Care About My Parents’ is a real thinker of a song and will have you debating on what your emotion tell you and what you care about. The laid back track has deep and meaningful lyrics, making it a glorious listen.

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