Yung Filly Teams Up With Chip for New Single ‘Day To Day’

Yung Filly and Chip have proven that they are the ultimate dream team in brand-new single “Day to Day.”

The two musicians worked alongside producer Ransom Beatz, and together they created a highly addictive track that deserves to be on one of your Spotify playlists. Yung Filly has admired Chip’s work for a long time, so when the opportunity came up for them to work together and release a single, he snapped it straight up. He explains;

Working with Chip on this one was a dream. We all know he is a legend in this game. I used to listen to Chip on my way to school, now we have a record together. Furthermore, it’s a record that’s really close to my heart and we touch on some of the parts of my day to day. I really hope you all enjoy this and take it in. Love and guidance always.’

Chip also admires Yung Filly and recognises his musical talent, so it’s a collaboration that is simply meant to be. Chip adds;

‘Filly is probably one of the most versatile and talented humans I’ve met. It’s hard transitioning into music when people know you for other stuff… but I genuinely think he’s harder than a lot of guys so I’m more than happy to assist an excellent finish. Genuinely one of the best humans I have met in this business. So have this y’all… From the track to the video, it’s nothing but vibes and I hope y’all enjoy… One love.

A music video was released alongside the track which successfully bought “Day to Day” to life. It was directed by LX who has worked with Knucks, Central Cee and many others. The video is slik, stylish, and well worth a watch;

“Day to Day” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms, so be sure to give it a listen. You won’t regret it! To keep up to date on what Yung Filly and Chip are up to, you can follow them via their socials below;

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