Drama Queens Podcast Celebrates One Year Anniversary!

Sophie Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz are celebrating a year of their “Drama Queens” podcast this week, which listeners have loved listening to.

Sophie Bush, Hilarie Burton and Bethany Joy Lenz are celebrating the success of the podcast this week, which has helped them grow emotionally with the thanks to their listeners.

The girls watch an episode of One Tree Hill together every week and make notes to then discuss on the podcast. So far, they have discussed some really emotional moments as well as the comedic value scenes, ensuring the listen is a real engaging rollercoaster every week.

The podcast so far has really put into perspective the difference in how teen dramas are written and produced now in contrast to 20 years ago. With so many differences about the same kind of important topics, the Drama Queens continue to take a deep dive into the emotions and thoughts of taking on such huge storylines at a young age.

As well as the three main female characters, they have also taken the time to speak with numerous other actors on the show on the podcast. So far, the girls have been joined my Lee Norris who played Mouth, as they discussed his comedic value and loyalty to the cast. Antwon Tanner who played Skills, and Michael Trucco who played hot Uncle Cooper. Did you know that there were thoughts to involve him with Brooke romantically after the Season 5 time jump? There are so many interesting behind the scenes facts that fans can now gossip about!

There have been many many other guests with more to come in the future. The Drama Queens have just hit Season 3, as fans watch along every week too.

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