Asha June Drops Pop Cover of Nirvana’s ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

Back in March, Asha June released an enchanting cover of Nirvana’s classic anthem “Heart-Shaped Box.”

Covers are a wonderful way for artists to perform their favourite songs they admire, grew up with, or they just happen to be listening to a lot at the time and found a wave of inspiration. Taking a song, especially when it’s an old masterpiece, and making it into your own is one of the most difficult tasks an artist can do. Asha June however, does it with such ease. The original version of the track has Nirvana’s signature grunge/rock sound, with Kurt Cobain’s addictive, husky vocals. Asha has completely transformed the song and gave it more of a pop sound. Her vocals are enticing and dreamlike, giving the cover a different sort of edge. The beat in which plays alongside her marvelous singing can be felt pounding deep within the listeners chest. It’s hard not to play the song all over again just to go through the whole experience one more time.

The singer explains in very wise words;

“It’s my interpretation, it reflects where and how I feel at this point in life. That’s the power of music. It’s transcendent. And I’m so excited to share it with everyone!”

After Asha had completed her time at university, and graduated with a BA Honours in Jazz, she has spent her time working in the corporate arena of the music industry. She has spent her time wisely as she now has contacts with renowned musicians and producers in Toronto. The songstress continues to master her craft as a singer-songwriter and become the best at what she does. This is still the very beginning of her career and the only way is up.

Her rendition of “Heart-Shaped Box” is now available to stream on Spotify, and you can show further support by following Asha June on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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