Bella Rios Returns With Sassy New Single ‘Bitter’

Photos by: Courtney Dellafiora

After a two year hiatus, Bella Rios has returned in style with her brand-new single “Bitter” – which is likely to live in your head rent free for as long as it pleases.

“Bitter” is a sassy track that brings out Bella’s boss side. It’s empowering, catchy, and will get you up on your feet dancing to the beat. The lyrics are highly relatable, and her vocals are simply enchanting. The past two years have been tough, but some have been using that time creatively and effectively. Bella Rios is one of those people. Her quarantine time has been spent redefining herself as an artist. It’s got to be said, it was very much worth it. This time has led her to her discovering her sound and her artistic identity. You can hear the confidence in the way that she performs. On “Bitter,” she explains;

“‘Bitter’ marks the beginning of a series of releases that I feel demonstrate and introduce the world to my most honest musical style. This song in particular introduces a side of myself that rarely surfaces in my daily life- a confidence in my power, an awareness of what I can’t control, and the continued journey of self acceptance”.

The songstress has had a love for music for a long time. She spent years covering other artists, and in High School she released rock-leaning originals, inspired by the classic records she grew up with;

My parents would wake me up by playing Led Zeppelin, Heart, Fleetwood Mac. It really brought my family together.”

She also spent time travelling with a professional children’s choirs; all while received classical training in both voice and piano. Whilst it’s fantastic that she has such a diverse background in music, it led to somewhat of an identity crisis. Now, after spending time experimenting, and finding the genre that is true to her and best suited to her abilities, she finally feels comfortable releasing music that she is truly proud of.

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