REVIEW – ‘Belfast’ Comes to UK Cinemas

‘Belfast’ launches into cinemas, telling its’ own interpretation of truly horrific events based in the northern Ireland Capital, in 1969.

The new release is a semi autobiographical film, displaying the ups and downs of life in the Northern a Ireland capital of Belfast. Based in 1969, at a time of constant battle between Protestants and Catholics, audiences are invited into the lives of a Protestant family refusing to fight.

‘Belfast’ has a real sense of community and and family balance that pulls the audience in tighter to the story. Buddy (played by Jude Hill) is a young school boy, finding his way through school work and feeling love for the first time whilst the world around him falls in turmoil.

His parents, played by Jamie Dornan and Caitriona Balfe, struggle with the idea of leaving everything they’ve ever known and starting a new life in London. With a close family close by and a sick parent, will they wait it out and hope that their luck turns?

With plenty of action, your viewing experience will go from heartwarming family banter to being on the edge of your seat with freight. Director Kenneth Branagh launches you into the characters’ shoes and is empathetic from beginning to end.

‘Belfast’ welcomes audiences to see the twists and turns of this eventful time. It’s incredibly family driven, really raising the stakes of the story. There’s a believable tale from the children too, who are portrayed tremendously.

Overall this is a fantastic and heart warming story, with plenty of comical moments throughout. With the perfect pace of highs and lows, the cast and crew have done the situation justice in its’ eloquent story telling.

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