Tom Ford Releases Debut Single ‘Love You’

Tom Ford has released his new debut single ‘Love You’, featuring Poppy Ajudha. It’s available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Tom Ford is a singer song writer guitarist who has been busy working behind the scenes of the music industry for a while. However, after working closely with Reuben James, he was inspired to take the music charts by storm and release his own material.

As well as the new track, an accompanying video is supporting the release. With eye grabbing, gorgeous colours and shapes. This video is incredibly easy on the eye, with the vibe matching the track perfectly:

The tune has a chilled vibe and is a genre all of its own. With hard hitting lyrics and the beautiful vocals from Poppy, we can only imagine that this track will be extremely popular for fans of all types of music.

When discussing the track ‘Love You’, Tom said:

“I really liked this idea that anyone who has been in a relationship goes through a phase where you don’t know if the other person is into you as much as you’re into them, and they’re usually on the same page as you. It’s that game of chicken. Who’s the one to explicitly come out and say it and just go for it? There’s always a vague grey area of who’s gonna go first?”

‘Love You’ was co-produced by Karma Kid. Realising the track was missing a verse, they approached Poppy for her ideas. The decisions were made quickly for the team to come together for the exciting new track.

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